Why choose C.E.C., Inc?

The primary mission of C.E.C., Inc. is providing professional construction with integrity, experience, safety, and courtesy. We rely on time-tested, established practices, while remaining read more

C.E.C. strives to maintain a safe working environment

C.E.C. strives to maintain a safe working environment for all personnel associated with each project. C.E.C. maintains a comprehensive safety and health program which addresses specific safety concerns and provides guidance for job task performance within the framework of OSHA and other applicable standards.

The safety program contains policies and procedures to deal with common workplace hazards, specific job-related hazards, and potential hazards. Hazard assessment, project pre-planning, and engineering controls, where feasible, are the preferred methods of providing a safe workplace. C.E.C. maintains a training program that provides employees the ability to recognize workplace hazards and to understand the proper procedural and/or personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.

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