When the Huval family launched Complete Engineering & Construction back in 1989, no one had any clue what a website was. Fast forward to 2014, you can’t have a business without many customers reaching web tools. In the spirit of taking their business to the next level, C.E.C.,INC has launched a comprehensive new website. The site showcases all of the company’s projects and display what C.E.C excels at: constructing the hard projects throughout Louisiana, and doing it with a professional, cost effective manner.

President David Huval Jr. wanted to make sure the company went into 2015 with a strong web presence. “It’s time. We’ve been in business for over twenty years, and we wanted to show just how much work we’ve done around the state. We’re excited for everyone to see it.” Connecting with New Orleans based design firm, NOLAGraphics was a no-brainer for Huval: “They’ve got a sterling reputation around the state when it comes to building easy to use websites. We liked that and trusted them to take C.E.C. to the next level.”

NOLAGraphics also designed CEC’s sister site: Huval and Associates

C.E.C.’s new website lists all of the firms accomplishments over the years, as well as breakdowns of their services. From bridge construction, to putting in a wharf in a shipyard, the firm had done it all. The Huval’s believe that by expanding their web presence, more prospective clients around the state will get to know them and see the renowned work they’ve accomplished online. NOLAGraphics CEO Marc Juneau explains his motivation for the site: “It was all about showing people who these guys are. They’re All Stars. They’ve done some big jobs. And with this new site, everyone will know exactly who C.E.C. is.”